RCI President, Michael Payne, has over 30 years of combined building experience, with about 20 years right here on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. His family includes a wife and three children along with descendents tracing all the way back to the original Roanoke Island colony. Featured in the 'Lost Colony' episode of the History Channel’s show 'Digging for the Truth', his DNA was actually linked to remains of the first colonists.

RCI initially built a reputation as the preferred subcontractor for the Outer Banks area's leading contractors. Through hands-on experience, attention to details & reliability, we have not only changed the way homes are being built, we have changed the way we build homes... now as a fully licensed & bonded contractor.

While stricter building codes have raised the bar for all contractors to build stronger & safer homes, RCI goes well beyond that with quality you may not see on the surface. For example, while other builders praise their use of ice and water 'shielding' under the siding around windows to stop leaks, we developed ways to stop leaks BEFORE they get under the siding. While shingle technology has remained about the same over the last 20 years, RCI has improved their application process. Since even the highest grade roofing materials tend to blow off in winds exceeding 100 miles per hour, we apply tar to every seam of the plywood beneath. Studies have shown that even with all shingles removed, about 90% of rainwater can still be diverted as long as the plywood is still in place... having seams chalked with tar pushes that percentage of effectiveness closer to 100%. This small & somewhat 'hidden feature' not only protects the integrity of your structure & the contents within, it also buys you time until your roof is fully repaired. RCI brings a wealth of knowledge & working experience to every home we build... providing our customers a superior finished product with lasting value.